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Owen Johnston – Karate Instructor and Personal Trainer
Private Martial Arts Lessons and Personal Training Sessions at Reasonable Rates
Serving the Pee Dee area of South Carolina; Other areas negotiable
Class prices and discounts sheet – private lessons and more

PCC instructor (progressive calisthenics certification)I hope I may be of service if you are looking for an experienced karate instructor or personal fitness trainer. If you need a knowledgeable martial arts instructor or personal trainer, look no further!

Why hire a personal trainer?
With time, patience, proper strength training, proper nutrition, and proper attention to lifestyle factors, almost anyone can transform their body and their life. Hard work builds not just strength, but willpower and confidence as well. A qualified, knowledgeable personal trainer can teach you proper training for functional, real world strength. I offer private lessons for many different types of exercises, including gymnastics, progressive calisthenics, and sandbag training.

I am dedicated to being the best personal trainer that I can through continuing education, as well as being open to all feedback from clients. I believe in continuously updating one’s knowledge base and expertise. As such, I am constantly refining my teaching methods.

More information – Table of Contents:
Contact Information
Quick Biography
Qualifications and experience
Private lessons, seminars, public classes, etc.
Free consultation
Policies and procedures
Signup sheets
Accepted payment methods
Books and articles

Contact information

Contact me if you have any questions, or want to schedule a free consultation, or private lessons –

Other contact methods

Quick Biography

I am a personal trainer with over 10 years of experience in martial arts and fitness. My passion for fitness started at about the same time I began my martial arts journey. I trained with many types of athletes over the years and learned about many types of strength and conditioning, but calisthenics became my primary passion. I eventually became certified as a personal trainer in March 2013. I became a PCC instructor in 2014, after attending the PCC workshop in Alexandria, VA. I have served as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and karate instructor at Olympia Gymnastics since April 2014 and as a gymnastics coach since August 2014.

I began my martial arts journey on June 10th, 2002, when I enrolled at Nippon Kokusai Karate Center (NKKC) in Lake City, SC. I took over management of this location in January 2004, and obtained the rank of shodan (first degree black belt) in October 2004. NKKC is affiliated with Japan International Karate Center (JIKC). JIKC was founded by the late Hirano Kiyohisa-soke. In late April 2005, I officially split from NKKC because of irreconcilable differences with the instructors, and founded Johnston Karate. Besides having continued teaching karate since then, I have trained at other JIKC over the years dojo as time allows. I trained at a boxing gym in Sumter, SC, for about 3 years. I also trained once a week for a year and a half in Brazilian Jiujitsu, in Conway, SC. I trained in various other styles as well.

Current Qualifications, Experience, and Affiliations

Black belt certification in Heiwado karate under Japan International Karate Center (JIKC)
Certified Progressive Calisthenics Instructor through Dragon Door:
PCC Instructor profile
Certified gymnastics instructor through USA gym since August 2014
– Formally teaching martial arts since 2004
– Have offered my services as a personal trainer since March 2013, when I became certified through ISSA
– Have served as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and karate instructor at Olympia Gymnastics since April 2014; serving as a gymnastics coach since August 2014
– Experience in boxing, running martial arts training camps, and many types of physical fitness training and exercises
– Have taught many students how to defend themselves, improve self confidence, and personal fitness
Click here to view my personal trainer / karate instructor resume

Private Lessons, Seminars, Public Classes, etc.

Private lessons

Please send me an e-mail owen@strengthcalisthenics.com if you would like to schedule a private lesson, seminar, or similar. To view rates for private lessons and public classes, view the document below –
Personal training price sheet

More about private Lessons

Public classes – offered at per-class and monthly rates that are lower than private lessons. Contact me if you want to set up a new program at your location. For locations, schedules, and prices –

Calisthenics Classes – Locations

25% Discount on Class Packages and other discounts are offered – Visit the discount page

Seminars, clinics, travelling to you, etc. – We can meet at one of the locations where I teach, or I can travel to you. If you would like to schedule me for a seminar or event, please contact to negotiate. Travel expenses and full payment for my services must be arranged prior to the event.

Full info – Areas served and travel costs


In my karate classes, I teach traditional techniques, self defense, confidence building, and personal development. I also teach boxing and grappling basics, as well as physical fitness and strength training. While my karate classes are geared towards teens and adults, I do occasionally accept children under the age of 13. Traditional uniforms and belt ranks are not used in my classes, but budo etiquette is still highly regarded.

Karate concepts: etiquette – http://youtu.be/ztsXMiO86Gg

Mizuumi ryu Karate is dedicated to developing body, mind, and spirit. Visit the Mizuumi ryu Karate Home Page for the description of the style.

Quick list of class types

Progressive calisthenics classes – no equipment to buy!

Self defense instruction – for all ages.

Private martial arts lessons

Heavy sandbag training

Odd object training – contact me to schedule a session; this kind of program integrates very well with progressive calisthenics training.

Mizuumi ryu Karate classes

Hojo undo training – as part of my karate program

Free Consultation

I always offer an initial consultation so that we can discuss your goals and what types of classes would be most suitable. If we decide to continue with your training, we will negotiate the time, place, and payment plan. If you are interested in having me as your private martial arts instructor or personal trainer, contact me today for an appointment!

E-mail – owen@strengthcalisthenics.com

Policies and Procedures

My goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with my service as your personal trainer. Feel free to raise any questions or concerns with me. View my policies below –

Policies and Procedures

Signup sheets

If you’re interested in having me as your karate instructor or personal trainer, you will need to fill out the membership form / waiver and the health questionnaire. Below is a short URL to a folder with both documents, as well as my policies and procedures, and my price sheet. Feel free to print and fill out the required forms to bring in to our initial consultation.

Accepted payment methods

I accept cash, credit, and PayPal. You may pay when we meet in person, or I can send an online invoice (via PayPal) to your e-mail that you can use to pay immediately. You don’t need a PayPal account – all major credit cards accepted.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Book a personal training session online now!

Book Progressive Calisthenics from Palmetto Progressive Calisthenics in Lake City

Books and Articles

You can find all of my martial arts and fitness articles over at the Johnston Karate articles page. I have also written a book of poetry. All of my books are available via Amazon.com as professionally bound and printed trade paperback books, and Kindle E-Books.

Amazon Book Store

Get a discount on the trade paperback books

I also provide free PDF editions below.

Moonlit Journey – free online PDF book of poetry
Written by Owen Johnston, illustrated by T.O.D. Johnston.

Understanding Karate Do – PDF book – official website
My karate student guide book contains all of the required reading for students in my karate classes.

Johnston Karate Guide to Functional Strength